College Partners

Matriculate partners with colleges and universities to recruit, select, and train undergraduate Advising Fellows.

College and University Fellowships

Signature Partners 

Johns Hopkins University
University of Notre Dame
Princeton University
Stanford University


Middlebury College
Smith College
Emory University
Indiana University Bloomington
Yale University
Williams College

Campus Fellowships*

Columbia University
University of California, Los Angeles
The University of Texas at Austin
University of Pennsylvania
Northwestern University
University of California, Berkeley
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hunter College
Virtual Advising Fellowship

*Campus Fellowships are all-volunteer groups of trained, undergraduate Advising Fellows. No relationship exists between Matriculate and the college/university.

Bring Matriculate to your College or University

“As a member of the Office of Admissions, we are not always able to reach all of the students and families interested in Emory. Our Matriculate advisors offer an additional layer of support to our office, assisting us as they reach out to students throughout the country to help them navigate the admissions process as well as share in their own personal Emory experience. Emory is better for our relationship with Matriculate and their advisors.”

– Timothy L. Fields, Associate Dean of Admissions at Emory University

PROGRAM Partners

Matriculate partners with organizations and institutions to serve talented high school students across the country. We collaborate with partners to conduct research and evaluation, share out best practices, source students, and much more.

Program Partners

AVID is a national program that promotes college and career readiness by helping students get the tools they need to succeed. Matriculate has partnered with AVID to provide free supplemental college advising to their students across the country, and to increase the number of AVID alumni who become Advising Fellows.

Matriculate is a partner of the College Board to bring free advising and resources to more students across the country. BigFuture is a free, comprehensive set of digital resources that helps all students take a productive first step after high school. Create your free account to get access to resources that help you Plan for College, Pay for College, and Explore Careers.

Matriculate is part of the Christensen Institute and Network, a collaboration to examine and research social capital impacts. is a non-profit organization founded by Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy), offering free, virtual peer-to-peer tutoring in math, test prep, and more to students across the globe. Matriculate has partnered with Schoolhouse to both bring free college advising to their tutors and unlock this free tutoring opportunity for our students.

Signature Partner

CollegePoint aims to help high-achieving, lower-income students apply to, enroll in, and graduate from target colleges and universities by providing high school juniors and seniors with critical, one-on-one support and guidance. Matriculate and CollegePoint are partnering to reach first-generation students across the country by:

Virtually Advising Students: CollegePoint has already advised 63,000 high-achieving, lower-income students across the country. CollegePoint advisors help students navigate the college admissions and financial aid process and apply to and attend leading colleges and universities.

Producing Research: The initiative produces research on the impact of this intervention to effect change in higher education policies and practices and to share successful strategies with school systems, counselors, other nonprofit organizations and education leaders across the country.


Matriculate partners with mission-driven employers to connect our pool of college students and graduates — thousands strong — with jobs, internships, and professional development opportunities. These relationships provide workforce development opportunities to diverse undergraduates across the country.

“We are extremely proud and passionate about our partnership with Matriculate. In Matriculate, Accordion has found a valued partner and we are deeply aligned with Matriculate’s mission to empower high-achieving, low-income high school students. Through our partnership, we have been able to establish a robust internship program and we could not have established this without Matriculate. The Matriculate team has been able to tap in their impressive network of incredibly talented students to help us find an individuals that fit seamlessly into the Accordion culture.

As a result, we’ve seen increased employee engagement and a tangible impact on intern program development.”

– Avery Kovler, People Business Partner at Accordion

“Being the Middlebury Head Advising Fellow has been an overall rewarding experience, not just because of the work we do but also because of the people I’ve been able to work with. 

Matriculate is also responsible for the start of my professional career, as I am happy to be working at Accordion again after graduation. Being on the inside of both organizations has shown me the importance of value-driven work, and I’m looking forward to taking that lesson with me through the rest of my career. I’m happy Matriculate made the introduction because it showed that Accordion was a place that cared about their people and impact.”

– Simon, 2022 Middlebury Head Advising Fellow, Employer Partner participant

If you are an employer interested in connecting with Matriculate’s talent pool, please contact